Antigua and Barbuda

Number of countries in the world – 195

I have only made food of 6 countries so far but it seems like a huge accomplishment. I have learned a few things along the way while enjoying this so much. For this week, I did Antigua and Barbuda. They are two beautiful low lying coral islands known for its beautiful beaches and resorts. They also boast a large variety of flora and fauna and is popular for its rainforests.  Fun fact about the country – Crab racing is held once a week. Must be really laid back people! They are positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet and enjoy a Caribbean cuisine.

While Carribean cuisine is at the heart of their traditional dishes, it is also quite diversified. The local diet includes shawarma’s, kebabs and dumplings, obvious influence of Arab and Chinese. I chose to make a butter bread, ducana (traditional sweet potato dish) and stewed beef Antiguan way. For a while now I have considered trying my hand at bread baking. So it was the perfect opportunity when I learned that butter bread is popular as a Sunday treat.

I absolutely loved baking the bread! I loved it when the dough rose to double its size. The bread came out so soft in the inside. My son loved eating it so hands down, no more questions. This was a success.

The sweet potato dumpling, called Ducana was also tasty. It was a combination of grated coconut and sweet potato with sugar and spices. After the mixture was complete I was supposed to wrap it up in banana leaf and boil in water. But I settled with aluminum foil, and I would say it still worked.

Stewed beef or chicken is a favorite in our house now. I slow cooked the beef with a number of vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, celery and potato).

Next country on the list is Argentina! See you soon.

Antiguan Sunday Butter Bread
Ducana – popular Antiguan sweet potato dumpling
Caldo de Res  –  Beef stew



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