Angolan please


I was slightly nervous to make this dish, as I have a very close friend who is partly from Angola. I wanted this dish to be as authentic as I could. I spent few days trying to figure out a recipe that I can work with that is not too difficult but also showcases some level of their traditional food. Keeping this in mind I chose to make Muamba de Galinha, Camarao Grelhado Piri Piri and Cocada Angolana.

Muamba de Galinha (a chicken and vegetable stew), is the national dish of Angola according to wiki. I was supposed to use red palm oil according to the recipe, which is also what gives the dish its authentic taste and look. But, I didn’t want to invest in red palm oil when I probably will never use it. So, looking up alternatives I found that ghee (clarified butter) gives a similar taste. Other than this, it was a really easy recipe. Two things I have learned; marinading overnight makes a huge difference and slow cooking does amazing things, not just in making the meat so soft but also in enhancing the taste of everything.

Camarao Grelhado Piri Piri (grilled prawns) was also expectedly nice. I used chili powder instead of habanero as in the recipe. The adventure here was that I got to dehead and detail the prawns as we decided to go with fresh prawns.

For the last, but definitely not the least – Cocada Angolana. Again, a very simple yet really tasty dessert made out of coconut scrape. It was intensely sweet but had a great combination flavor of the spices and the taste of coconut. If you are a coconut lover, as I am, you just cannot stop eating this. I chilled it in the fridge for few hours which just enhanced its flavor so much.

I am thoroughly enjoying doing this challenge, especially because I am learning so much.  Can’t wait to try out the carribean cuisine for the next country, Antigua and Barbuda.


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