Day trip to Pisa

Our time in Pisa was just one day, which was just enough to stroll around the city and visit the famous Leaning tower of Pisa. We decided that we will only spend our time there so that we won’t be rushed to fit in too many attractions into the one day.

The tower-  It’s one of those places, like the great wall of China which you grow up hearing and wondering how it will be to see it. The tower actually is leaning a full 5.5 degrees which is clearly very visible. It is a bit daunting to see a 55-meter tower look as if it may topple over any second. The tower is the campanile or bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral. The tilt, which was unintended happened during its construction due to faulty foundation. The tower is just one building out of four in the cathedral complex which is known as Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracoli, which means Field of Miracles. The construction took an amazing 199 years to complete, while of course trying to fix the tilting. Apparently, at one point the tower was leaning in the opposite direction. The reversal in the tilt occurred when additional stories were put up which affected the center of gravity of the building moving the tilt on the opposite direction. The history is just amazing and the architecture was majestic. To our pleasure the day turned out to be so beautiful hence adding to its magnificence.

We did few poses of the obligatory Pisa pusher and walked around the Field of Miracles just enchanted to be there. We had pizza for lunch (obviously), which was mouthwateringly soft and thin. I still cannot eat a pizza without comparing it to the pizza we had there, sitting outside a pizzeria enjoying the bustle of tourists visiting the Tower of Pisa.


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