I have not yet fully fathomed the significance of birthing a daughter. It makes me anxious thinking of the immense responsibility but also gives me a sense of pride. I myself, am a daughter. Now I have my own. The circle of life is such. There is a sense of familiarity in seeing you, a part of both your dad and I, but a daughter. Like me. I want to smile and laugh and tell you so many things, share so many secrets about the wonders of being a girl. But for now, I will let you be little and pen my feelings.

You are so beautiful. I catch your father staring at you with awe and wonder. I know what he is thinking because I think the same when I look at you. You are a unique creation of Allah, and it is your uniqueness that makes you most beautiful. Your beauty is in your delightful little yawn, in the way you cringe and in your strange little whimpers. It’s in the way you look at me, match my gaze and follow it. It’s in your smile, although I know right now it’s only a reflex. It’s in your sweet baby smell, your wisps of fine black hair. It’s in the beautiful color of your skin, the radiant shine of your face. It’s in the way you kick your legs and in the tininess of your fingers. There has never before existed a child like you. You are one of a kind, a marvel, a unique work of art created for great things.

One day soon, too soon for my liking, a young girl will replace my little baby. I can promise you, even then, we cannot stop watching you. With the same awe as the day you were first put in my arms. Everything about you, from the peeling-off of your newborn skin to the way you fit perfectly right next to my heart, mesmerizes me. Dear daughter, you are so beautiful just the way you are.

You are important. You only have to look into our eyes, hear our voice, and feel our love to know just how important you are. You only have to see the joy and pride you have given us by being our daughter to know how much you matter.

For now you are in our arms, cocooned safely in our embrace. But there will come a day when you interact with the world and become curious of the worlds expectations. But even then remember that you matter. You have a strong voice. You are to be heard. Do not ever lose your voice or lower your expectations. You won’t need to when you are in the company of loved ones. When in doubt and when you look for affirmation remember that the only affirmation that you need is yours.

Be kind hearted and compassionate. While you are important, realise that others are too. There will be times when you will be needed, and when these times come be there for others. For now, cuddle up in our arms and rejoice in the warmth of our embrace. And know this, daughter, you are so important.

You are brave. How brave you are already at just few weeks old. To be adapting to a brand new world after spending a lifetime in the comfort of my womb. How scary everything will seem to you. But you seem so resilient. I hold you tight in my arms, rock you to sleep, kiss your forehead. A lot of times it is me drawing comfort from you my little one.

I want to tell you so many things. To be bold and curious. To not hesitate to ask questions. Sometimes there are no right answers but only the right question. There is a world inside of you as well as outside, waiting to be explored and discovered. While at it, also, stumble and fall. For many a great lessons of life comes from failure. Make big glorious mistakes, for it will make you strong. Do not be afraid my little one, the world is beautiful and waiting for you to conquer it. Daughter, I wish for you to be so brave that you will find the infinite light inside of you.

Have faith in Allah, you are our biggest proof that He answers prayers. Ask him sincerely with a heart of gratitude and he gives. “And your Lord says: “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” (Quran 40:60). For now, let me pray for you, and ask Him to keep you safe and shower you with His blessings and protection.

I wish you would see yourself through my eyes and you will see just how beautiful, important and brave you are. For now I will let you be little.


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