Stop. Meditate, no? Then Art !

Are you an artist born with incredible talent? Are you a creative genius? Are you right brained? Well, then you must be a child! Most times we think that art is reserved to these groups of people. I am no artist but I enormously enjoy any time I spend on creating something. My problem lies mostly in the fact that I don’t think what I create is good enough hence don’t see the point of doing it. But that’s because like most I am wired to overlook the journey in anticipation of the destination.

Art is a great form of expression and projection; if words fail, taste takes over. If taste is challenged,sight enlightens. If short sighted the hearing captivates. If hearing needs aid the sense of touch dazzles and if you prefer smell it never runs short of delight too. Yes, I just tried to use a creative touch in describing how practicing art has a place for all our senses be it journaling, baking, music, sculpting, scrap booking, photography, painting or the many more it offers. It offers a space for involving all those senses in a reflective and contemplative manner much like meditation.

I can see how everyday art can fit perfectly in my endeavour towards a simple and mindful existence. The Mental Health Benefits of Art Are for Everyone, outlines how art is meditative and helps us be happier and healthier by:

  • Relieving stress
  • Encouraging creative thinking
  • Boosting self esteem and providing a sense of accomplishment 
  • Increasing brain connectivity
  • Increasing enpathy, tolerance, and love

I would add how it also helps us be more receptive to vulnerability. In my case I want perfection when ever I try my hand in creating something which is nearly impossible. One reason being that I am not an artist, the other is the mere fact that I’m human. Vulnerability makes us have a hard look at ourselves even in the form of imperfect art which in turn is more about accepting ourselves just as we are. It’s definitely not about perfecting something but about enjoying expressing and projecting yourself.

I love this list of simple projects given by 100 Art Therapy Exercises. It doesn’t necessarily require any talent but a dedication to take some time out of day or week to sit back and relax with a splash of colour or even a new recipe. I am definitely upto it!


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