Wardrobe overhaul

The idea of a clutter free home is so tempting and wishful, even calming to the soul but to really go about it seems to be such a challenge. I just simply didn’t know where to start. So in an attempt to procrastinate I read a lot of articles on this. Surprisingly there is so much good material on it from people who’s been there and done that. And pleasantly enough the articles itself seem to be clutter free and so easy to read. I guess this becomes a lifestyle if you really get into it.

After finding out few ideas on the how-to, I started with the first part of this project, also the hardest – our clothes. One article that helped me get started is 5 Simple Steps to Declutter your Closet.

I am embarrassed to admit that I seem like a borderline hoarder when I look at all the clothes that I have kept in boxes which I have not worn in upto a year. I have clothes of my baby from the day he was born (he is now over a year), clothes that no longer fit me but kept in the hope that I will one day, clothes that are old but seems too sentimental or clothes that once looked great on me and many more that fit into a range of wishful labels.

Despite the formidable feelings, I really was dedicated to this challenge. So I closed my eyes, and took out all our clothes and went through each item as if my life depended on it. Some of it went into the current wardrobe and a lot of my baby’s clothes went back into the box because I still can’t make myself to get rid of them. I hope one day soon I will. He will never wear those for one thing. And except for a few very sentimental clothes such as the first set of clothes, naming ceremony clothes, first birthday clothes or similarly important ones, I am pretty sure I will get over this sentimental mambo jumbo and anyway get rid of in few years time. But in the meantime it is to sit in a box waiting for me to come to terms with the fact that babies do grow up.

With each item of clothe I asked myself, is it me? Does this piece of clothing make me feel good wearing it. Anything that did not, went into the donation bag. I asked the same question to my husband and he was definitely quicker in deciding that me.

Being the over doer I am, I also went the extra mile and reorganized my current wardrobe. I color coordinated the clothes and paired it up as a whole look rather than single pieces. So it is tops or dresses paired with leggings or jeans matched with outerwear. I only own one boots, one sneakers and two sandals so in the shoes department there was really nothing to play around with. I enjoyed the process so much. Of course I could only work with what I have, but then that was the whole challenge. In all honesty I do not have a great sense of style so I went along with what made sense to me. Its so great that there is so much help on the web. While sitting and sorting my clothes I can actually try to incorporate a style from a veteran stylist somewhere in Paris.

As with all habits in life, I understand that maintaining is the next big challenge. I am pretty satisfied with how easy it was to let go and how good and free my wardrobe looks now. Not to mention the space that freed up and the good feeling I got by donating  a huge bag full of clothes that will surely do someone good rather than sit in a box for years.




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