Purge 101

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Since the birth of my son I have been contemplating a more simpler life; un-hurried, mindful and minimalist. I am aware that simple is the new black and it seems like the new bandwagon to jump on. But for me its not something new, I have always disliked clutter and have an almost obsessive compulsion to clear clutter. I can’t say that at times I don’t enjoy some organized chaos, but I always tend to look forward to the clear space that helps me focus and be more productive. I guess having a child makes priorities clearer because for them you want to be the best version of yourself. But, being a mere human being I also tend to get caught up in the more, more and more fashion only to end up with more of the wrong stuff to clutter around. More possessions, more multi-tasking, more commitments, more negative thoughts and more feelings of guilt.

Simple, is not so simple after all. We are so caught up with the material life, somehow so far down the rabbit hole that its hard to see the light. At least that’s how I sometimes see it when I look at all the clothes that I have, but don’t wear or the food I buy and throw after few weeks in the fridge or even pent up negative emotions. How much money will I save if I do not buy “stuff” on a whim? How much energy and positive head space will I have if I learn to let go every single negative emotion? Its hard to know where to start, but with the help of some really good articles I am able to make a head start. I specially love this article How To Do More With Less: An Introduction To Minimalism.

I have managed to start my purge101 towards a simpler and more joyful existence where hopefully I can teach my kids how more to life is actually through less.


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