A short hair affair

Last week, after almost 2 years of growing my hair long, I decided to get a pixie cut. I have always wanted to sport very short hair but just been too scared to do it and was always met with skepticism if I ever mention it to anyone.

I’m not sure if its the living alone, or living abroad, or wanting a change, or the beginning of summer heat or maybe all of it combined giving me the courage to actually get the shortest ever haircut of my life. As expected, it felt so light and so liberating. It’s certainly a challenge to be confident without all that hair to take the focus off the little crinkles of life that show on the face. What I didn’t expect is the sadness that crept in when the first snip was made and the long locks of my hair fell at my feet. Part of me wanted to scream “NO!” but I pursed my lips and held my breath. Somewhere deep inside I knew that a haircut like this is just what I need.

Some people believe that a haircut has healing powers. And it certainly makes sense. In times of exhaustion, both physical and emotional it helps to do something radical. What’s more radical to a girl that a change in the facial area. The first week after the cut I was just riddled with insecurities and I had to keep reminding myself why I wanted it. Being vulnerable is very underrated but its vulnerability that normally gives way to strength and courage.

Few days more into it and I started liking my boyish waves (pretty tiny ones). Its just so low maintenance and light on the head. It reminds me of those days back in school, when I kept my hair short. I look at myself in the mirror and see a glimpse of that carefree girl, ready to take on the world. I feel more energized, as if I have to keep up to that girl in the mirror! Although I love this, I think this maybe the last time I cut my hair this short. Maybe its good to be reminded to make a change without playing the 100 questions or just do what your heart says without contemplating the consequences. Or simply, this is just one last affair with my short hair.



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