Art of Idylling


The transition period from school to work proves to be hard at times. You are so full of conviction that you are going to change the world with your leanings, but in reality finding the right job or the right way to move forward is not so black and white. This transition, for some people contains what I would call the unproductive time. In between applying for jobs and looking at different prospects of moving forward, there is that looming feeling pointing at you continuously telling you that you are doing absolutely nothing productive with your life right at this moment. This is particularly traumatizing for people who are used to the fast and ‘productive’ world around us. But is our unproductive, idle time of really no use? The siestas after lunch, mindless scribbling, catching up on TV series or reading something that actually does not contribute directly to getting a job done. Why do people feel so guilty about just being.

The world is fast and there is a constant pressure that nags us to always be doing something and be busy. Lazing around or even an afternoon nap is frowned upon. Instead a nap is considered okay if its a power nap which is taken for a few minutes as a re-energizer for more work. Instead of a lazy weekend, a retreat or meditation is more acceptable. Being idle is a time of reflection even if we do not consciously do it. And since this is a time spent in just being, this seems better than meditation or a retreat where we purposefully try to reflect.

For Aristotle being contemplative is the best way to live. Not that all idlers are contemplative but idylling or being unproductive opens up doors for contemplation. Lets all just be, at times, have a lazy weekend now and then. Sleep in without feeling guilty. Spend an evening in bed to watch the luxurious life of the Crawley sisters. Catch up on Hollywood and Bollywood gossip. Spend a weekend on social media, and say hi to all your friends. Of course this is not about forgetting everything else, but its about giving yourself some guilt free enjoyable lazy time.


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