The Nitty Gritty’s of our adventure in Europe


After a lovely farewell dinner with my colleagues and tearful good bye to them, we started our Europe Tour. From Exeter to London by train was a quiet one where I spent time reflecting on the past months spent with friends. My thoughts on the good times spent with extraordinary friends were equalled only by the sadness I felt on parting ways. But life goes on.

From the train station in London we took a taxi to Lockaway where we stored our luggage. It was such a relief to be free of our heavy bags. The front desk guy Steve was very friendly and helpful, all the more safer we felt keeping our bags their storage units. We travelled to Canada Water Station and took a bus towards YHA Thameside. However we got off few stops early by mistake and had to walk about half a mile to reach the hostel.

When we reached the hostel we were extremely tired. Stupidly, in order to economize we had booked separate rooms (girls and boys separate rooms) when we should have taken our own private room. (Note to self: never compromise on safety/comfort no matter how economical). After a disturbed and sleepless night separate, we checked out the next day, took a bus to Canada Water Station. The meeting point was directly across the station. At this point we were energized and looking forward to the trip. We got introduced to others who joined the tour. Our tour guide Holly, was a funky British girl who was very firm and equally fun. Our bus driver Shaun was from Scotland and was equally high spirited and fun loving.

From the meeting point we travelled on the Expat Explore bus which was designed with moderately comfortable seats, air condition and TV! Our destination was Dover, which is the port from London to France. Our adventure in Europe started here, stay tuned!


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