Visit to Stonehenge and Roman Baths 2012

The beautiful blue sky, amazing green color of grass, sound of laughter, diversity of culture, taste of Sally Lunn’s buns could not numb out the cold of the winter. But amazingly it did not bother me. I was having way too much fun. We were visiting Stonehenge and the Roman Baths as the first out of Exeter experience with friends.

I had seen Stonehenge from a distance traveling from London to Plymouth and was very curious to see it up close and understand the story behind it. To my slight disappointment visually it was a bunch of rocks, stacked in a curious way. But the history was definitely very interesting, the monument is said to be built somewhere around 3000-2000 BC but no one is really sure what it was built for. So there are theories ranging from it being built as an astronomical calendar, religious site to it being burial grounds. For us, it honestly was a pile of rocks, but the age of the rocks did impress us so much. It’s not every day we come across something from the BC.

Our second stop of the day was the old Sarum, this was the first site of settlement in Salisbury. This is one of the most historically important sites in Southern England.

Climbing up the hill to the site we met a pony and horse. The interesting this is that they were dressed, due to the cold. They were very cute; especially the pony dressed in a very pretty flowery dress. We had some laughs up the hill, stories that even if we tried we will not forget. We took pictures, jumping up, crouching down, holding up, and any other creative way we could think of. I clicked couple of pictures to send home, hair waving in the wind, making sure I gave the best smile I could.

The next stop; Salisbury cathedral, mind blowing! The most amazing architecture I have ever laid my eyes on. As we entered I saw this writing on the wall, “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” and I suppose it is what I felt all through. It was so beautiful inside, the windows were mosaics designed as angels and the floors were inlaid and designed as burial chambers. This was pretty freaky; to be walking on burial chambers and not being sure if there were dead people inside. I was taken back somehow just imagining the number of people who would have come there with prayers. I felt that all the prayers, all the wishes, mourning’s and then the happiness and the sorrow would somehow leave their mark in the essence of the cathedral. This overwhelmed me, because I thought of the dead and how amazing our life is. So blessed we are and we should take time to acknowledge this every now and then.

We traveled to Bath from Salisbury, where we had booked a hotel to stay the night. We started the day with tea at the Oldest house in Bath, 1482 famous for Sally Lunn Buns. Obviously we all ordered the Sally buns, which was quite tasty. The streets of Bath were the most incredible, it is a world heritage site and named after the Baths and spa’s the Romans built somewhere in the really early AD’s. For us this looked like what we assumed all parts of England would be like before we came and settled in Exeter.

We visited the Roman Baths which was a public bathing site for the Romans back in the day. The pool as I call it comes from geothermal energy so it’s actually steaming. It was a beautiful sight. We then visited the Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent. Royal crescent is a series of houses built in a crescent shape again a long time back, but this was also such an amazing sight. It had a big open space infront with beautiful flowering trees.

For me the aura of Bath was astonishing, it was full of colors and creativity. The showcases in the shops were full of colors, the street vendors sold paintings and handicrafts which were amazingly simple and beautiful.

At last we went to visit author Jane Austen’s centre. She lived in Bath for sometime, and I liked her from what I read about her and by her. I wanted to buy her book collection which was available there but one of my friends in the end suggested I should look up the internet to get a copy cheaper and this was the deciding factor. Well, so far I have not even looked it up. That is why I need to be Spontaneous!

We all were dead tired, but immensely excited and so looking forward to another trip. I can absolutely imagine why Jane Austen wanted to live in this city, its where inspiration is born and creativity can thrive.


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